Stitch Good

StitchGood is a resource to connect crafters and causes in need of handmade goods.

StitchGood was designed and built by Ezra Lamb as a prototype for a larger idea. He saw people in his online crafting communities looking for ways to use their skills and extra materials to make a positive impact. Unfortunately, many amazing charities and organizations requesting handmade items are not easy to find online, and it may be even more difficult to navigate websites and compare projects just to begin.

StitchGood makes it easy to find your next project based on your skills, your location, and the causes you really care about.

Why make something instead of donating store-bought items?

While monetary and store-bought donations are vital for the large majority charities and organizations, the causes represented on StitchGood believe in the added value that comes from the human connection to craft. This project was inspired by a quote by author Elizabeth Berg:

" ...something made with one's own hands says a few things of utmost importance:
I made this for you.
I thought of you while I made it.
I guess I kind of love you. "

- Elizabeth Berg, The Pretend Knitter

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